Traka Dock Management System

Traka’s loading bay and dock door safety solutions are easily installed drive off prevention systems designed to stop vehicles prematurely leaving the Goods Out bays of a busy distribution centre - historically the source of many serious incidents within the industry each year.

Loading Bay Management

A bespoke solution for enhancing safety and streamlining processes at distribution centres ensuring you maintain complete control over the loading bay and prevent accidents. This solution centres around the driver’s vehicle keys and requires them to be handed over at the transport office. They are then tagged with an intelligent iFob and stored in a Traka key cabinet that starts an automated sequence of safety checks and audits that will:

  • control who can operate and open a loading bay
  • restrict vehicle movement until the area is safe
  • collect door usage information including who was operating it
  • The cabinet will only release the driver’s keys once the loading is complete and the dock door fully closed.
Traka Key Fob Traka’s loading bay and dock door safety solutions Traka’s loading bay and dock door safety solutions

DockSafe - Dock Door Control

DockSafe is a unique, easily installed and affordable solution that requires drivers to position their vehicle at the loading bay and isolate the vehicle themselves before the relevant dock door can be operated. This intelligent dock door control solution uses the Traka iLock and Castell Salvo Susie device to prevent a delivery truck being driven away before the dock door is closed and safe. The Traka iFob allows authorised drivers to access the Salvo Susie lock which is used to ‘lock off’ the airbrake line preventing re‑coupling. A control key is then released which activates the control panel allowing the dock door to be raised. The key is locked in place whilst the loading bay door is open and is only released when the door is closed. This control key can then be used to remove the Susie lock from the airbrake coupling allowing the driver to mobilise the vehicle again. A full audit trail is recorded within the Traka iFob.

Traka’s drive off prevention solutions can form part of an integrated system to manage onsite MHE giving you safety, compliance and control.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminate drive offs by ensuring that drivers cannot pull trailers away from a dock before the loading bay door has been closed and made safe
  • A fully audited system - drivers details and actions are recorded and traceable
  • Increased safety compliance and safer use of shunter vehicles
  • Improved warehouse security
  • Minimise human error
  • A fully integrated system offering both Goods In and Goods Out dock door control
  • Reports can be generated and information stored indefinitely