Traka Machine Start

As health and safety procedures get tougher in the work place the HSE send out a clear message that prevention is far better than the cure.

Protect Machine Operators

The unauthorised use of machinery can have serious implications for safety. To ensure appropriate measures are taken to protect operators and achieve maximum health and safety Traka has launched Machine Start. In addition to fork trucks, programmed iFobs can also be used as electronic keys to control access to a wide range of other machinery/equipment. When used for this purpose, strict control over who can access and operate dangerous machinery is enforced, and a full audit of user activity can be maintained.

Traka Key Fob Laser Cutting

So how does it work?

Machine Start isolates the power to dangerous machinery only allowing trained operators to use it. Operators identify themselves to the Traka key cabinet where they are issued an iFob. This has their license and permission levels written to it. The iFob acts as an intelligent key that is inserted into a receptor socket within the Machine Start unit. Providing that user is authorised to operate that piece of machinery it will power up for use. This solution is ideal for equipment such as hoists, cranes, lathes, drills, presses and conveyors – the list is almost endless, depending upon your individual requirements.

Manufacturing and Distribution solutions

Our 'Silver Bullet' improves Safety , enforces Compliance and gives you Control.

The Traka Machine Start:

  • Promotes safe environment
  • Secures access rights
  • Machine usage audits
  • Reduces unnecessary incidents

It can be used on:

  • Cranes
  • Conveyors
  • Lathes, Drills & Hoists
  • Presses

The list is endless